Tuesday, October 2, 2012

White Coat Ceremony - Testimony from Colleen Logue

Last Sunday, September 30th, was the White Coat Ceremony for the PT Class of 2015. Read Colleen Logue’s response below to see what it’s all about:

Megan O’Kane and Colleen Logue
The White Coat Ceremony is a ritual that symbolizes a student passing into the professional phase of a medical profession program. For SLU PT students, this happens during the senior year, or what is considered the first professional year. As a senior in the class of 2015, this was the year that my classmates and I were “coated”.  
My parents and my sister were able to come in from Cincinnati for the occasion, which was really great. It was awesome to be able to have them experience this milestone with me. When the ceremony started, we all processed into College Church, and took our seats. Kim Levenhagen began talking, and we then said a prayer for physical therapists. After the dean of Doisy College said a few words, the actual presentation of the coats began. As our names were called, we walked across the altar and were met by a PY II from the class of 2013, who congratulated us and then put our coat on us. While putting on a coat is a fairly easy task, it is not as simple when you are half a foot taller than the person helping you, and in front of a huge group of people. There were a couple laughs as some of us struggled to get our coats on. Then we would shake Mark Reinking and Tricia Austin’s’ hands and walk back to our seats. When we had all received our coats, we recited the Physical Therapist Oath. Afterwards, there was a reception, where my family got to meet some of my friends and professors. It was a really cool thing to see all of us in our white coats, and to know that we are moving forward in our physical therapy education.
Colleen Logue, Class of 2015

The Class of 2015

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