Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Addison Lockett Tells Y'all about SLU PT

We interviewed freshman Addison Lockett, who hails from Mobile, Alabama, to see how she likes the Program in Physical Therapy so far, why she chose SLU, what she’s looking forward to, and what she thinks about Y’all “Saint Louisains.”

1.    How did you find the Program in Physical Therapy at Saint Louis University?
I found the Program in Physical Therapy at SLU because my brother in law went to SLU and he was familiar with the 6 year program. He told me to look into it. I did my research online and decided to come up for a visit. 
2.    Why did you choose SLU?
The main reason I came to SLU was the Program in Physical Therapy. Another reason I came to SLU was the fact that it was somewhere different than I had ever lived before. It was different than what most kids in my high school decided to do.
3.    How is freshman year going so far? What interesting things have you been learning?
Freshman year? So far so good. I have been learning some insane time management skills. I have never been academically challenged like I have been here at SLU. It is an interesting transition, but all part of the process. Also, I have been learning how to use public transportation. We don't have metro, or stuff like that in Mobile.
4.    What is something that you are looking forward to for this year?
I am looking forward to initiation into the sorority Zeta Tau Alpha! Honestly, I am excited for Christmas break because I can go back home to Alabama and see my family and friends. AND my dogs. Also it is way warmer down there. As for school, I am hoping to take a world religions class as an elective because I just think it would be really cool to learn about other religions, not just the one i grew up in.

Addison with Zeta Tau Alpha sisters at a Ram’s game

Addison with Zeta Tau Alpha sisters

Addison with Zeta Tau Alpha sisters painting pottery
5.    Any STL favorites so far?
Pickleman's is a favorite of mine. This is unfortunate because it is very unhealthy and fairly pricey, but oh so good! 
6.    Little differences that you've noticed from Alabama? What are some strange cultural things that you've noticed in us “Saint Louisains?”
Y'all "St. Louisans" have an accent. All the northern people for sure have an accent. Y'all say that I have an accent but where I come from I have absolutely no accent. Some people call soda, pop. Y'all (or at least the people I have met) do not care about college football nearly as much as Y'all should. It is a religion down south. I need my football. Also, it gets cold really early here. I am assuming it is going to get way colder as time goes on. I am not used to that, nor am I ready for that!

Addison with others from her hometown at a high school football game

Camp Beckwith in Alabama, where Addison works over the summer

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