Thursday, December 18, 2014

SLU PT Students Featured in Newslink for Ergonomic Consult

SLU PT students Tara Pool and Michelle Woodson were featured in Newslink this morning for giving an ergonomic consultation! You can find the article and a video here

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Happy Holidays and Jingle Bells from the SLU PT Class of 2017

PT faculty member Kim Levenhagen and Annie Fordonski (Class of 2017) strike 3 toed sloth poses in honor of Annie's 3 toed sloth holiday sweater. 

Happy Holidays from the SLU PT Class of 2016!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

PT STUCO's Ugly Sweater Holiday Bash

Thursday, December 4, 2014

PT/AT Research Seminar!
December 8, 2014
Allied Health Building
Room 1036
3437 Caroline St. 
St. Louis, MO 63104

The Department of Physical Therapy and Athletic Training will host a research seminar at noon on Monday,
 December 8 in room 1036 of the Allied Health Building. 

Gretchen Meyer, PhD, instructor of physical therapy and neurobiology at Washington University, will present, "Targeting Muscle Regeneration in the Torn Rotator Cuff." 

This event is open to the public. For more information, contact Kitty Newsham, PhD, at (314) 977-8705 or 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Joanne Wagner on the front of Research Matters magazine!

Saint Louis University Program in Physical Therapy faculty member Joanne Wagner is on the front of the UK Multiple Sclerosis Society's Winter 2014 issue of their magazine Research Matters! Dr. Wagner, PT, PhD, is quoted within the issue regarding investigating exercise and rehabilitation for progressive MS. 

You can read the Winter 2014 issue of Research Matters here

For more information about MS please visit

Make an Ornament in the PT Office for our Giving Tree!

Every year PT STUCO decorates a Christmas Tree to benefit an organization.  It costs $1 to make an ornament.  All of the ornament supplies you need are in the PT office for you to start the creative juices flowing. 

This year the money is being donated to Friends of the Redeemer United (FORU) - which is the non-profit that funds Stroke Camps in rural Jamaica that Mal, Maggie and I all attended in May.  The work being done there is absolutely amazing.

Brooke is the therapist from the states who has now lived there for 10 years developing these Stroke Camps six times a year as well as providing regular care to the people of rural Jamaica in their home and out of a small one room clinic.  It has always been her dream to open a rehab hospital in St. Elizabeth district where we were because there is zero access for these people. This dream has stayed a dream because of money, land, etc.  

While one of our volunteers was evaluating a gentleman who suffered a stroke, all of a sudden his wife walks up to me out of the blue and says, “I have some land and a building and I want to start a hospital!  It belonged to my mother and I want to do some good with it, we need to get to work!!!!”  Needless to say I was speechless, who was this lady and how did she have any idea what are plans were?  It took me a few minutes to respond, but I finally expressed to her that we have been dreaming about building a rehabilitation center for many years and would love to talk more about it. 

So relieve some stress, spread the joy, and help someone else in need!

Here is the video for a glimpse of the amazing work going on in Jamaica

With Holiday Joy!

Elena Gray,  Class of 2015

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Photos from Today's Lab

Photos from Dance Marathon Massages

See photos from Dance Marathon Massages below. Over $100 was raised towards the Dance Marathon!