Tuesday, February 13, 2018

SLU PT Student Organizes Feminine Hygiene Product Drive to Benefit Homeless St. Louisans

A Wholehearted “Thank You” 
By Christina Vivit, DPT Class of 2019

To all who came to me with your empowering words, thoughts, donations, and support, THANK YOU for your incredible contribution and support to my feminine hygiene product drive for those experiencing homelessness in our city.

With your contribution, we collected over…
50 boxes of sanitary pads
23 boxes of tampons
14 packs of cleaning cloths and baby wipes
7 packs of resealable zipper bags
5 large packs of new ladies underwear
2 bottles of bath soap

The donations were brought to St. Patrick Center, a local nonprofit organization that works collaboratively within the community to transform homeless services and end chronic homelessness in the St. Louis area. St. Patrick Center provides opportunities for self-sufficiency and dignity to people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. They offer resources such as an emergency shelter, safe and affordable housing assistance, employment programs, mental and physical health programs, and support services for veterans.

I would also like to thank Dr. Brooke Kalisiak, PT, DPT, WCS and Legacy Physical Therapy as a partner donor site. Legacy Physical Therapy is a privately owned physical therapy and wellness clinic that offers outpatient services in orthopedics, pelvic floor disorders, and women’s health conditions.
Although menstrual hygiene may be a stigmatized topic, your wholehearted response to the drive reveals a sense of empowerment and care for our St. Louis community. I cannot thank you all enough for your kind words, thoughts, and contribution to the feminine hygiene product drive.

To find out more about St. Patrick Center, you can locate information on their website: www.stpatrickcenter.org
To find out more about Legacy Physical Therapy, you can locate information on their website:

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