Thursday, February 22, 2018

DCE on the Road - Baton Rouge to Kenner

Dr. Beckel completed 3 more visits on 2/20. She visited with the staff at McMains Development Center and learned about the incredible pediatric care provided at this facility since the early 1950's.
She then visited with clinicians at the Moreau Physical Therapy clinic in Central City. She learned about how different each Moreau clinic is in terms of services offered and patient conditions.
After grabbing a wonderful shrimp Po'Boy at Carlton's and visiting with some wonderful local residents, she headed east to Kenner to visit with the Center Coordinator at Concentra Medical Center.
Concentra locations are always a wonderful location to collaborate with the occupational medicine physicians, learn to care for acute injuries, and advance their manual skills.
While in Kenner, Dr. Beckel discovered the location for the first prize fight held in the U.S. She never knows what she will find along the highway in between her visits!

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