Monday, March 25, 2013

Brianne Keller Shares Her Showers of Service Experience

Don’t forget to sign up for Showers of Service! It will be April 13, 2013 from roughly 8:30am-2pm. There will be food, you receive a T-shirt, and it will be very fun. We asked PT Student Brianne Keller to reflect on her experience participating in Showers of Service:

My name is Brianne, and I am a PYI student. I have participated in Showers of Service every year that I have been at SLU. My first two years, I participated with the Micah Program, and my last two years, I participated with my APO family. I have done everything from cleaning empty lots of garbage to spending time with individuals with disabilities. Showers of Service is an amazing experience where the entire community joins together to make a difference in the community. It is so wonderful to see so many dedicated and selfless Billikens give up a few hours on their Saturday to make the community better in some way. No matter how small the task might seem, there are hundreds of students all around the neighborhoods making differences, and it ends up being a huge effort to serve the community in which we live.
            Because you can pick which group you are with during this Saturday of service, you can choose to participate with any community or organization on campus. This gave me an opportunity to meet a lot of new people, even in my senior year on campus. There are so many people on campus, and this is a way to get to know more people. When I spent time with members of the community during this day, I was humbled and was able to see life from another person’s perspective. I was amazed at the stories that the people shared with me, and I will cherish these memories forever. Sometimes I take this community for granted because of our SLU “bubble”, and this is an opportunity for me to step back and realize that there is so much more to our community than I realize. Showers of Service is something I look forward to every year because I know that it is a day of helping to improve the community that I am a part of while also having a blast with other Billikens that share the same passion as me.

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