Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Volunteer with Casa de Salud!

Since graduating from SLU with degrees in Spanish and PT (MPT 2008, DPT 2010), I
hoped for an opportunity to be able to combine two of my biggest passions. I found my
first chance when had the opportunity to volunteer at La Clinica, a Spanish healthcare
clinic in south St. Louis. I loved the opportunity to brush up on my Spanish skills, and
more importantly, to serve an underserved population and fulfill the Jesuit mission I
embraced during my time at SLU. When La Clinica closed, another opportunity emerged to provide pro-bono PT services. Casa de Salud is a health and wellness center dedicated to meeting the needs of patients who encounter barriers to accessing other sources of care, emphasizing services to new Hispanic immigrants. It is located in a newly renovated building close to the SLU medical campus and is open 7 days/week, including some evening hours, which makes it easy to schedule around work, family schedules, etc. Our PT volume has remained high over the last year since I began, and it would be helpful to bring in some more help, especially this summer when I am on maternity leave. Casa is very supportive of our mission there, and has provided us with equipment (weights, swiss ball, theraband, etc.) as well as Physiotools programmed in English and Spanish. Fluency in Spanish is NOT required – anyone willing to donate their time can be set up with a translator during their sessions. I look forward to seeing continued growth at Casa, with the help and dedication of other PTs! If interested in volunteering, or if you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me at: Gracias!

- Janelle Burge

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