Thursday, June 13, 2024

Nick Noblitt: Maximizing His Potential To Becoming The Best Physical Therapist

By: Nick Noblitt, PT, DPT, ATC

I completed my Physical Therapy school journey in May 2023, armed with a white coat and a mountain of uncertainty about how to translate my knowledge into effective patient care. Despite acing my tests, excelling in the NPTE, and gaining practical experience under the guidance of a clinical instructor, the challenge remained: how could I apply this wealth of knowledge to the individual sitting across from me? More pressing still, how could I do it with excellence, genuinely making a positive difference in people's lives?

I recognized my potential to be an outstanding Physical Therapist, but I knew I needed further guidance to fully realize that potential. That's when I discovered the SLU-SSM Health Orthopedic Residency program. Since joining, I've actively engaged in the Entry Level PT program at SLU as an educator and contributed my skills to the ProBono clinic as a facilitator of care. These experiences have provided invaluable learning opportunities, nurturing my growth as an educator.  

Through this program, I've had the privilege of weekly one-on-one mentoring sessions with seasoned PTs who are experts in their field. These mentors have challenged my assumptions and biases, helping me identify my blind spots in patient care. They've introduced me to concepts and skills that I can immediately apply during my sessions, accelerating my learning process and boosting my confidence in applying advanced techniques for the first time. 

One of the most impactful aspects of my residency journey has been the weekly didactic sessions. These meetings delve into every facet of being a physical therapist, from the reasoning behind our treatment approaches to the nuances of our documentation methods. These discussions have deepened my understanding of my profession, equipping me with a comprehensive knowledge base. 

Reflecting on my experiences in this residency program, I am confident in my decision to tread this less conventional path. Looking ahead, my goals are ambitious; I aspire to serve as a physical therapist in the United States Air Force, providing care to those who selflessly serve our nation. To achieve this goal, I am committed to becoming the best version of my professional self. I believe there's no better way to accomplish this than through the transformative experiences offered by this residency program. 

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