Thursday, April 11, 2024

Michelle Byrd Discusses Her Experience Being a Physical Therapist While Undergoing Her Orthopedic Residency Training

By: Michelle Byrd, PT, DPT

    Working as a Physical Therapist offers a unique opportunity to treat a variety of patients throughout the lifespan as well as a variety of diagnoses, with each patient presenting in a unique way with unique impairments and limitations. The field of physical therapy is an ever-changing, growing profession with new research, treatment techniques, and improvement to clinical practice guidelines. Keeping up with these consistent changes is important for PT's to stay up to date on the latest treatments to improve patient outcomes, and allow for patients to have a quicker recovery and return to their previous level of function.  

    Since the beginning of the SLU-SSM Health Physical Therapy Orthopedic Residency, I have already been able to improve my patient treatments and evaluation skills, as well as building on my hands-on skills to maximize my treatments to improve patient outcomes. There are several aspects of the residency experience that have impacted me, including serving as an adjunct faculty member with students in their first professional year of Physical Therapy school, mentorship opportunities in the clinic each week, and didactic classes for case-based discussion and working on manual techniques. Each of these experiences focuses on different aspects of patient care, but together allow for professional growth within the field that will maximize the patient experience in the clinic.  

    Working as a physical therapist over the last year and a half, and recently being part of the orthopedic residency, has motivated me to continue improving and growing in the profession. I am looking forward to the experiences still to come that will only continue to challenge me to grow and continue improving in my knowledge and skillset.  

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