Thursday, April 23, 2015

SLU PT Students - Senior Legacy Symposium

Congratulations to SLU PT students who presented at Senior Legacy Symposium!

Anna Di Staulo presented the poster, "The Effect of Movement Pattern Training on Hip and Knee Angles, Function and Pain in Females with Patellofemoral Pain." 
Anna Di Staulo

Emma Fogler, Theresa Gilmore, Erin Pluchino, and Grace Yao presented the poster, "Global Brigades." 

From left to right: Grace Yao, Erin Pluchino, Theresa Gilmore and Emma Fogler

Theresa, Erin, and Emma answer questions from SLU PT faculty member, Alicia Flach (second to right). 

Anna Di Staulo and one of her research faculty mentors, SLU PT faculty member Gretchen Salsich

Left to right: SLU PT faculty members Sara Scholtes and Kim Levenhagen, discussing with Anna Di Staulo

SLU PT faculty member Carol Beckel discusses with Anna Di Staulo

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