Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Spinning at the Simon Rec Center

Today’s SLU Newslink featured the Simon Rec Center for their spinning, bootcamp, zumba, Pilates, and dance classes. PT Student Katie Wenberg (Class of 2015) and PT Administrative Assistant Mary Ann Bindbeutel both attend a spinning class at the Simon Rec, so we asked them for the inside scoop:

The 6:30 am Wednesday/Friday spinning class with Matthew is not your typical spinning class; no videos, no riding to the beat, no overly peppy instructor.  Matt uses the class to train for races and we are his training partners.    Every session has a musical theme. Today was “One Hit Wonders” to which we climbed hills, sprinted, interval trained.  Remember, there are no “spinning police” - you can get a great workout at whatever your pace and fitness level.  
-Mary Ann Bindbeutel, Administrative Assistant for the Program in Physical Therapy

There are multiple classes on Wednesday and Friday mornings and evening classes Tuesday and Thursday that make it easy to pick and choose the classes that fit into my busy schedule. The effort you put into the class equals the progress you will gain, which makes the class nice for when you want to improve or if you need a slower day.  I enjoy the morning class on Wednesdays and Fridays because the instructor is really encouraging and I feel accomplished and energized for the day after a morning workout. 
-Katie Wenberg, PT Student (Class of 2015)

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