Friday, January 18, 2013

Malvika Sampath Featured in Universitas

Photo and text from Universitas

 PT student Malvika Sampath (Class of 2018) and her family were featured in the latest edition of Universitas! Malvika’s father, Dr. Vembakkam Sampath, and her mother, Annie Sampath, are both graduates of Saint Louis University.

We asked Malvika how she found the Program in Physical Therapy and how she’s enjoyed it so far:
             I found out about the Program in Physical Therapy through word of mouth, research on the internet, and the SLU website. So far, I really enjoy the Program; the faculty in the Program seem great and I am pleased to know they will be the people I will be working with the next five and a half years.  Also, I like how the Program is not too big, so I will get to know many of the students and build some strong friendships! I am sure I will continue to like the Program and I cannot wait to see what is to come!

Malvika and her mother and father

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