Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Why did you choose your site?
I chose to study abroad at SLU Madrid because it offered more classes than many of the other programs and it was very affordable. 

What did you anticipate? Were you nervous? Excited?
I was more excited than nervous. Studying abroad was the first time I had been out of the country. The opportunity to study in a foreign country and travel for four months was amazing.

What did you see (monuments, historical sites, palaces, etc.) that impressed you the most?
Vatican City and the many museums Paris has to offer.

Did you make friends with some of the people native to that site? What was that experience like? Did they make you notice things about your own culture that surprised you?
I did make several friends from different nationalities, but what was equally exciting was meeting new people from SLU. Many of my close friends from the U.S. did not study abroad, so I had the opportunity to meet many new people.

How were your classes? Did you have the opportunity to take a class that fit into the culture of that site (such as art history of Spain, etc.)?
The classes were much more relaxed than in the U.S. Yes, you were expected to attend class and fulfill all assignments, but the teachers knew you wanted to travel as well and understood that study abroad was unlike any other experience we have had.

Would you recommend that other PT students study abroad? Would you recommend your site to them?
Yes. I wish I could go back now. The study abroad program is great. I highly recommend Madrid, but I imagine you cannot go wrong with any location.

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