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2022 SLUPT End of Year Recap

2022 SLUPT End of Year Recap

Overall 2022 Recap:

This year was an amazing year for the program and crazy how it can be wrapped up in a 7 minute video for the most part! We appreciate everyone who we have come into contact with this past year and cannot wait for what 2023 will bring! We hope everyone had a happy and safe New Year! 

PY3's good luck as you start your 3rd clinical in the coming weeks, PY2's we will see you the 9th, and Cohorts 2025-2028 we will see you the 17th!

2022 Video Recap: https://www.instagram.com/p/Cm7PZMctiYm/ 

Spirit Week Recap: https://www.sluphysicaltherapy.net/2023/01/slu-ptsas-5th-annual-spirit-week-recap.html 

This year our Program explored not only the U.S. but also abroad: 

Some of our students had the chance to study abroad in Madrid, Galway, London, and many more countries also our students explored all over including Germany, Austria, Poland, Ireland, Italy, France, and Portugal. But don’t take it from me, here are some DPT 2026 comments from their time abroad:

1. Tommy Lenz - “From learning different cultures to seeing and trying new things, I would highly recommend this experience to anyone considering studying abroad”

2. Augustina Parisi - “I feel very fortunate and grateful to be traveling and having many new adventures. So far my favorite place I have visited was the Calanque national park in Marseille France, it was breathtaking. With more trips on the horizon, I am excited to explore and immerse myself in each place. I also have enjoyed being in Madrid so much. It really is such a cool city with so much to offer and I have fallen in love with it. I thoroughly appreciate that the DPT program allows for study abroad because I feel like I am gaining so much knowledge and experiences that couldn’t be acquired in a classroom. This is a once in a lifetime experience and I couldn't recommend it enough”

3. Hannah Niederman - “My favorite part of being abroad has been getting to explore Spain and surrounding countries with my best friends.”

Our students being able to study abroad is one of our program’s most unique features that we are so happy our students get the opportunity, if they wish to take it!

Our Faculty and Alumni published some amazing articles:

1. Task-specific movement training improves kinematics and pain during the Y-balance test and hip muscle strength in females with patellofemoral pain

By: Elanna K Arhos (DPT Class of 2018), Catherine E Lang, Karen Steger-May, Linda R Van Dillen, Barbara Yemm, Gretchen B Salsich


2. Preparing for the Future: A Practice-Based Approach for Entrepreneurship Education in Health Professions

By: Mike Markee and Chris Sebelski


3. The effect of pelvic motion on spinopelvic parameters 

By: Andrew M. Hayden (BS), Ann N. Hayes (DPT), Jennifer L. Brechbuhler (RN), Heidi Israel (PhD), Howard M. Place (MD)


4. Patient education for breast cancer-related lymphedema: a systematic review

By: Marisa Perdomo, Claire Davies, Kimberly Levenhagen, Kathryn Ryans, Laura Gilchrist


5. Tendon loading in runners with Achilles tendinopathy: Relations to pain, structure, and function during return-to-sport

By: Patrick Corrigan, Samantha Hornsby, Ryan T. Polig, Richard W. Willy, Daniel H. Cortes, Karin Grävare Silbernagel


6. A Novel Way of Measuring Dual-Task Interference: The Reliability and Construct Validity of the Dual-Task Effect Battery in Neurodegenerative Disease

By: Jason K. Longhurst, John V. Rider, Jeffrey L. Cummings, Samantha E. John, Brach Poston, Elissa C. Held Bradford, Merrill R. Landers


7. Disparities Exist in Physical Therapy Utilization and Time to Utilization Between Black and White Patients with Musculoskeletal Pain 

By: Randy R Richter, Timothy Chrusciel, Gretchen Salsich, Tricia Austin, Jeffrey F Scherrer 


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