Monday, September 19, 2022

SLU PT Alumni Spotlight: John Schaefer, PT, DPT, CSCS

SLU PT Alumni John Schaefer Incorporates Other Passions into PT 

John Schaefer, PT, DPT, CSCS (Class of 2022) had experienced much uncertainty surrounding the field of Physical Therapy throughout his time at SLU. Having other interests including marketing, entrepreneurship, and journalism, he often asked himself how he could incorporate all these different fields into a future career and if PT was the right path for him.

As a PY3, he decided to start reaching out to PT’s around the country, who were pursuing unique ventures and doing things he didn’t know were possible under the title of DPT. He began recording these conversations and now routinely releases episodes on his podcast SnackBreak, under the parent company Orthosnacks (@orthosnacks), an educational platform and social media company focused on empowering students and clinicians to make the most out of their DPT with bite sized, digestible information.

John is currently an orthopedic resident training in Houston, TX @harrishealthsystems and just released the book THE RESIDENCY PLAYBOOK: A Step By Step Guide To Mastering the RF-PTCAS and Securing A Spot in Your Dream Physical Therapy Residency with the goal of demystifying the residency application process for future applicants! You can purchase the workbook on Amazon in either paperback or kindle format, as well as listen to the audio versions for free on Spotify and Youtube.

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