Monday, April 25, 2022

Welcome to the 2022 – 2023 cohort of the SLU-SSM Health Physical Therapy Women’s Health Residents

Brianna Mulhearn, PT, DPT, and Laura Erb, PT, DPT are excited to be returning to Saint Louis University’s Program in Physical Therapy.  Both are graduates of the Program in May 2021.  

Dr. Mulhearn…why are you pursuing Residency education? 
“Residency education offers me the best opportunity to further my practice and education, specifically in the field of pelvic health. The opportunity to work with and learn from clinicians who have years of experience in the field is so exciting to me. I cannot wait to collaborate with all of the pelvic health therapists on both SLU's and SSM's teams.” 

Dr. Erb…how did you become interested in Women’s Health Residency education?  
“I became interested in residency education because of my experiences at SLU. I always knew I had an interest in women’s health throughout PT school.  I want to use this opportunity during my residency to provide future PTs (as well as future patients!) with more information about this specialty.” 

What experience are you most looking forward to during the 16-month program?  
“I’m looking forward to being back at SLU and getting to collaborate with the best therapists at SSM Health Physical Therapy to further develop my skills as a pelvic health PT.”  -- Dr. Erb

“I am most looking forward to having the opportunity to get into the up-and-coming research in pelvic health. Being able to access the most recent research and also being able to contribute to future research is something that I have always wanted to do.”   -- Dr. Mulhearn
The SLU-SSM Health Physical Therapy Women’s Health Residency Program is an accelerated post-licensure program to advance the women’s and pelvic health skills of physical therapists.  We are pursuing ABPTRFE accreditation with our site visit scheduled during spring 2022.  This unique collaboration between Saint Louis University Program in Physical Therapy and SSM Health Physical Therapy.  The 16-month program has integrated experiences with the SLU SSM Health Physical Therapy Orthopedic Residency.  In addition to clinical practice and teaching in the entry-level DPT program, each resident completes over 150 hours of mentoring and over 300 hours of educational experiences.

For more information on the program, visit or contact the Residency Program Director, Dr. Jill Imgarten at OR the SLU Director of Residency Education, Dr. Chris Sebelski at

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