Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Dr. Peter D. Mosher Endowed Memorial Scholarship

The Dr. Peter D. Mosher Endowed Memorial Scholarship is inspired by the example and life of Dr. Peter D. Mosher (1981-2013) who received his DPT from SLU in 2006. Dr. Mosher excelled in all facets of his education and was greatly respected and admired by fellow students and colleagues. He devoted his life to the service of others, including as an energetic educator and compassionate physical therapist. Because Pete’s passion for social justice was the motivating force throughout every facet of his life, it was his great desire for his students to practice their profession among those who are underserved. This award was established to defray costs for physical therapy students who choose a clinical experience that fulfills this goal.

This scholarship carries forward his enduring passion for the clinical component of physical therapist education and his vision that physical therapy students should seek clinical experiences that explore and extend their horizons, challenge themselves, and serve the under-served. This scholarship is for students in the Program in Physical Therapy entering PY III year for next academic year and placed in a clinical setting over the upcoming summer or during PYIII spring that would be considered as serving the underserved.  Preference is given to students serving outside of the St. Louis area.  Eligible students must have a minimum of 2.7 GPA. Please note that the number and dollar amount of scholarships given will vary.  If you have questions about this scholarship, please contact Jill Fitzgerald at 314-977-8756 or

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