Wednesday, November 17, 2021

SLU PT student Bea Nottke (DPT Class of 2022), as part of Geriatric Seminar, WON the NATIONAL Geriatric Case Competition!

All Geriatric Seminar students participated in this year's Fall 2021 Interprofessional Geriatric Virtual Case Competition. They were assigned to interprofessional teams which focused on the development of a care plan for an older patient with multiple, chronic health challenges, including COVID-19. 

The students created an innovative 20-minute pre-recorded electronic case presentation. Students had one month to prepare their recorded presentations with the top three teams advancing to a local semi-final round. 

The top-rated team from each semi-final round compete via live Zoom with the winning team from the University of Minnesota Geriatric Workforce Enhancement program on Monday, November 1, 2021. 

Bea Nottke was the student physical therapist on the winning team!  Sydney Phelan and Hannah Schumacher were on two teams that tied for second place in the semi-final round.

You can watch the winning presentation below:

Interprofessional Geriatric Case Competition 2021 - SLU Team Part 1

Interprofessional Geriatric Case Competition 2021 - SLU Team Part 2

Drs. Jill FitzGerald and Kelly Hawthorne also served as faculty mentor/coaches.  

You can learn more about the competition on the University of Minnesota website.

The Geriatrics Seminar is offered as an elective physical therapy course in the fall semester of the third year of the professional phase. It explores the causes of frailty in older adults and the financial burden in the U.S. of obtaining healthcare for this population. The course then explores services available to help frail older adults maximize their physical and psychosocial independence within the community and within institutions. The course consists of lectures, interviews, and site visits in the St. Louis area.

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