Monday, December 11, 2017

SLU PT Student Organizes Physical Therapy Workshop in Madrid

SLU PT Study Abroad Opportunity - Madrid, Spain
by Nina Valaitis, DPT Class of 2021

I recently organized a physical therapy workshop with one of the SLU-Madrid dance instructors who is a PT. SLU PT students had the opportunity to go to a physical therapy clinic that specializes in treating performing arts patients including professional dancers from The Lion King and other musicals in Madrid.

The workshop focused on lateral ankle sprains, including a biomechanics review, observation of lateral ankle sprain treatment, and manual practicals between students using manual techniques, taping, and mobilizations. It was a great way to see a unique specialization as well as experiencing how the profession is different in Spain!

I am looking forward to coming back to SLU and starting to take more classes related to the PT profession!!

This is one of several posts featuring SLU PT Student study abroad experiences. Because of its unique format, the SLU PT program gives students the ability to study abroad the fall of their junior year. For more information about study abroad experiences at SLU go to:

Nina Valaitis, Alexis Ardovitch, Kathryn O'Brien, Hannah McGrath, Kelly Schweikert, Katie Fredrickson, Cass Goldner, Marley Coughlin, Morgan Fleming, Ryan Blechle, Katie Maus, Annie Mathy, Jessica Garland, Jimmy Harlan, and Amanda Ng all attended the workshop which was held on two separate dates. 

Photos submitted by Nina Valaitis and Alexis Ardovitch.

This event was not SLU-Madrid affiliated.

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