Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Greetings From Alaska!

Valarie Gang (DPT Class of 2014) is working in Alaska! 
Read Valarie's shout out to SLU PT below!

I was able to go to Health Fairs in two of our villages, White Mountain and Golovin.  I screened the elders with 30 sit <>stand, TUG, and 4-stage balance test and was then able to educate them using a whole bunch of free handouts from the National Institute on Aging. I hesitated to order the DVDs that have sample exercise programs on them, but the elders in the villages loved them! (and have access to either computers or DVD players to watch them). Anyways, it was a huge success in the small villages and now I have some statistics if any of the elders are referred to PT in Nome in the future. I have attached a picture of me at the fair in White Mountain.  I’m wearing a traditional kuspuk that one of my former patients had made for me.  It was such a wonderful treat to pick up when I made the return trip to Golovin.

-Valarie Gang

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