Monday, August 11, 2014

First Day of SLU-SSM Orthopedic Residency!

Today is a very seminal day in the Program in Physical Therapy as it is the first day of the inaugural SLU-SSM Orthopedic Residency!  Our two licensed residents, Lindsay Noeson, PT, DPT and Samantha Peterson, PT, DPT both start this morning with orientation.

Kudos to Chris Sebelski, Residency Director and Jill Eveker, Associate Residency Director for their outstanding work in making this happen.  They have had the help of many, both folks at SLU and at SSM.  Thanks also to Irma Ruebling for her advocacy for us as we went through the process of getting the residency approved last year.

We wish the best to our two residents and our residency faculty as we embark on this new journey!

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