Friday, July 18, 2014

The Cheryl Cavallo Physical Therapy Lab Dedication Ceremony

A very warm thank you to all who attended the Cheryl Cavallo Physical Therapy Lab Dedication yesterday evening! It was a beautiful evening, full of touching memories and words of gratitude for all that Cheryl shared with us and taught us. 

Cheryl's Paddington Bear made an appearance!

Mary Christman opened the event with touching words about Cheryl

Program Director Mark Reinking spoke on Cheryl's dedication to her patients through most ably teaching her students and the role that the organization and efficiency of the labs played in that dedication to education. 

Don Highberger, SJ, blessed the Cheryl Cavallo lab, asking Cheryl's spirit to "haunt" the lab with lots of cleaning and organizing overnight. He also asked that students and faculty alike embody Cheryl's compassionate spirit while learning in this space. 

Interim Dean of the Doisy College of Health Sciences Irma Ruebling spoke about spending much of her professional life alongside Cheryl and the impact of Cheryl's work, as shown in Cheryl's words, "Treat people with care and respect, give comfort, and especially ensure their dignity. If we do this, the world will be a better place." 

Elena Gray (Class of 2015), one of the Cavallo Awardees, was able to share about her experience working at a Neurological camp in Jamaica.  

Larry Cavallo, Cheryl's brother, shared touching words about realizing who his sister was as a person through her incredible work in the Program in Physical Therapy and her dedication to her patients and those in need in the community. 

Mallory Eggert (Class of 2015), another Cavallo Awardee, shared some of her experiences at the Neurological camp in Jamaica and expressed gratitude for the special person that Cheryl was and the gift that the Cavallos made to ensure that other physical therapists can be special people, contributing to the care of patients all over the world. 

Poster presentations from the 3 Cavallo Awardees of 2014: Mallory Eggert, Elena Gray, and Mary Laethem (Class of 2015). Mallory and Elena created a poster featuring their work in Jamaica at a Neurological camp and Mary created a poster featuring work she did in Guatemala. 

From left to right: Steve Sievers (Saint Louis University Director of Development), Larry Cavallo (Cheryl's brother), Irma Ruebling (Interim Dean of the Doisy College of Health Sciences), and Mark Reinking (Program in Physical Director)

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