Monday, May 19, 2014

Congratulations to our Graduates! Class of 2016 and Class of 2014 Awards and Ceremony Photos

We couldn't be prouder of our graduates! Look below for photos from the graduation ceremonies and class awards!

Some of our excellent PT faculty members at the graduation ceremony. Left to right, Gretchen Salsich, Kelly Hawthorne, and Barb Yemm 

DPT Class of 2014 graduate Devyn Moore and Program Director Mark Reinking at the Class of 2014 celebration at Plush 

Class of 2016 graduates as they head out to the stage!

DPT Class of 2014 graduate Kristen Hager receiving an award from Program Director Mark Reinking 

DPT Class of 2014 graduate Amy Bourne receiving an award from PT faculty member Elaine Wilder

Class of 2016 graduate Julianne Pelger graduated with honors!

PT Assistant Program Director Tricia Austin making announcements at the celebration at Plush

DPT Class of 2014!

Class of 2016 Awards

Excellence in Research
Fischer, Leah
Garbin, Alexander
Sorgani, Christopher

Excellence in Academics
Crnich, Joseph A.
Duffy, Aileen M.
Fischer, Leah M.
Green, Tyler J.
Hornick, Kaitlin C.
Matherne, Lindsay M.
Mengis, Leah M.
Nolan, Catherine J.
Olson, Abby J.
Schettler, Nicole J.
Tansor, Julia K.
Tierney, Andrew P.
Tomasik, Kathy N.
Vickers, Kayla C.

Excellence in Community Service
Castillo, Olivia
Gallagher, Kathleen
Hornick, Kaitlin
Koval, Rebecca
Lenox, Erika
Miller, Caitlin
Mroz, Anna
Pelger, Julianne
Scantland, Lauren
Tomasik, Kathy

Class of 2014 Awards


Bourne, Amy
Crosby, Heather
Dockins, Kerri
Dollive, Halley
Dougherty, Kayla
Figueras, Kessica
Graue, Rebecca
Gries, Molly
Keller, Brianne
Knezetic, Barbara
Leas, Mollye
McInerney, Claire
McKeone, Claire
Munie, Samuel
Noesen, Lindsay
Reinking, Sarah
Sloan, Laura


Bonastia, Bailee L.
Buehne, Allyson R.
Camplin, Lindsay N.
Corley, Danielle M.
Dollive, Halley M.
Dougherty, Kayla S.
Erickson, Ashley R.
Hager, Kristyn S.
Hanson, Katherine E.
Harrington, Meghan E.
Mollenhauer, Chelsea E.
Moore, Devyn M.
Munie, Samuel G.
O'Dekirk, Margaret M.
Overholser, Kara R.
Rainville, Ashley C.
Reinking, Sarah E.
Schweickart, Hannah L.
Siadek, Ashley N.
Strieker, Stacy L.
Tampow, Alexandria J.


Brehm, Erin
Buffington, Paige
Corley, Danielle
Greenwell, Emilee
Munie, Sam
Tampow, Lexie

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