Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Program in Physical Therapy Summer 2013 Reading List

During the summer prior to the start of their first semester at SLU, incoming students are expected to read a common book. The Fall 2013 Book Selection is Tattoos On the Heart by Gregory Boyle, S.J. You can find out more about the First-Year Summer Reading Program at SLU here.

Inspired by SLU’s First-Year Summer Reading Program we asked what Program in Physical Therapy faculty and staff were reading this summer. Find some recommendations below!

Mark Reinking’s Reads

The Timekeeper by Mitch Albom  
A different perspective on the gift of time.

My Own Country: A Doctor's Story by Abraham Verghese  
A fascinating story of the early days of the discovery of AIDS and the cases of AIDS managed by an Indian physician set in eastern Tennessee. 

Calico Jo by John Grisham  
A story of baseball and fathers and sons.  A great read.

Unbroken by  Laura Hildebrand  
The true story of Louis Zamperini, a former Olympic athlete who served in WWII.  It is the story of his survival through his aircraft crash, being adrift in the Pacific for weeks, and his capture by the Japanese.  Survival beyond all odds.

Matterhorn: A Novel of the Vietnam War by Karl Marlantes  
A powerful story of a young Marine in Vietnam, and the accompanying tragedy and courage in his experience.  Unforgettable.  

Darina Sargeant’s Reads

Darina enjoys cozy mysteries and her favorite writers in that genre are Carolyn Hart and Susan Witting Albert. When she’s feeling more adventuresome she reads Dan Brown.

Dead, White & Blue by Carolyn Hart
Death Comes Silently by Carolyn Hart
Darling Dahlias & the Cucumber Tree by Susan Witting Albert
Lavender Lies by Susan Witting Albert
Indigo Dying by Susan Witting Albert
Spanish Dagger by Susan Witting Albert
Inferno by Dan Brown
The Sacred Universe: Earth, Spirituality and Religion in the 21st Century by Thomas Berry
Cultivating the Spirit: How College Can Enhance Student's Inner Lives by Astin, Astin & Lindholm

Mary Ann Bindbeutel’s Reads

Mary Ann’s guilty pleasure reading is any Sigma Force novel by James Rollins.

Ratlines by Stuart Neville
Reconstructing Amelia by Kimberly McCreight
The Dinner by Herman Koch, Sam Garrett (Translator)
Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter 

Kate Lochhead’s Reads

Kate Lochhead is in the middle of The Long Loneliness by Dorothy Day and is planning to read Bossypants by Tina Fey. 

Sacred Journey by Frederick Buechner

Chris Sebelski's Reads

Chris Sebelski is planning on reading Quiet:The power of introverts in a world that can't stop talking by Susan Cain. She is interested because her personality characteristic assessments indicate that she is an introvert and she is interested in what the book has to say. 

Gretchen Salsich's Reads
Where'd You Go, Bernadette? by Maria Semple
Gretchen loved it because it's a quick paced novel about a quirky women and her very bright teenage daughter. 

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