Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Cotton Balls, Popcorn Kernels, and 3D Goggles – Must Be Human Growth and Development!

This photo features the Program in Physical Therapy Class of 2015 during a project in today’s Human Growth and Development course. Human Growth and Development is a course taken in the spring semester of the senior year that covers normal development throughout the lifespan.

Today’s project, called “Age 85,” is specific to geriatrics and enables students to physically and emotionally experience what it might be like to be 85 years old. The experiences are dramatized and in generalizations; students place cotton balls in their ears to experience what hearing problems would be like, wear 3D goggles to experience what vision problems would be like, wear tape around their fingers and joints to experience what the immobility of arthritis would be like, and even place popcorn kernels in their shoes to experience what the discomfort of arthritis would be like! 

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