Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Emma Bowen and Alex Feinberg: Be Prepared

When challenged with presenting what their time has been like so far as PT students at SLU, Emma Bowen and Alex Feinberg (Class of 2017) came up with this witty and humorous article full of fun facts and interesting details of what life as a young PT SLU student is like:

PT Students Emma Bowen and Alex Feinberg (Class of 2017)
“Prepare to have your intellect defied.” These words resonate in our heads on a daily basis as we learn and experience new things as sophomore PT students. We would like to extend this mantra to you by sharing our experiences from the past year and a half and some fun facts we have learned along the way. Be Prepared.

  We were both primarily interested in the field of physical therapy because as high school athletes we both experienced physical therapy and saw the difference it can make on the road to recovery. Our interest in the field was further enhanced by our interests in science, specifically how the body works. However, the aspect of physical therapy that really confirmed our passion was the interaction with people. It is amazing that we will be able to form relationships with patients and be a part of their journey to recovery.

FUN FACT #1: Dr. Mark Reinking, our Program Director, is probably one of the few physical therapists to ever discover a new plant. Personally, if we were to accomplish such a feat we like the sound of the Bowenus-Feinbergius plant.

Our first semester here we both found our way onto the club lacrosse team and are still devoted lax bros. Funny enough so did 10 of our fellow PT majors. So that makes up roughly 67% percent of our beloved team. Needless to say, injuries, exercises and stretches are the hot topics at practices. At our first team meeting we went around the room saying our names and majors. The number of players who, like us, were PT majors was surprising at first until we made the connection between physical therapy and lacrosse.

FUN FACT #2: The Koi fish that live in the Zen garden of the Doisy Research Center are relocated for the winter to the ponds by Chaifetz. This is because the ponds by Chaifetz are deep enough for the Koi fish to survive the winter. (This fun fact is brought to you by Catherine Zaegel)

FUN FACT #2a. Microsoft word does not recognize the word Koi.
This connection is that as physical therapist students and lacrosse players we strive to live a healthy life style by keeping active and in the company of good friends. The passion for lacrosse is also similar to the passion we have for physical therapy. Supporting our teammates is also preparation for supporting our patients. We push each other on the field when necessary and always have the best interest of the team at heart.

FUN FACT #3: The giant Billiken topiary in front of the BSC is taken apart and transported by a truck to a classified location for the winter. Perhaps the Billiken can survive in the Koi pond too?

As sophomores we are still taking some of the more general classes. However, this does not mean they are not interesting…

FUN FACT #4: Did you know that the surface area of the small intestine is larger than a tennis court? Our reaction to hearing this in physiology class:
 Emma: “That’s so cool!”
 Alex: “That’s disgusting.”

We look forward to the next four and a half years here at SLU and can’t wait to see what else is in store for us as physical therapy students.

Peace, Love, Blessings,

Alex & Emma

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