Thursday, September 20, 2012

News from Australia!

Read Lindsay Matherne’s update from Australia below!  Lindsay is a PT student in the class of 2016 and is currently studying in Gold Coast, Australia.

SLU PT students Leah Mengis, Lindsay Matherne, Megan McGovern, and Colette Roth

I am having the most amazing time here in Australia; I couldn't have hoped for anything better.  The weather is perfect, the beaches are gorgeous, and the people are so friendly.  I am just about done with my second week of school and the classes are going smoothly.  I am trying to stay on top of my work so when my trips come along I will not have to worry about homework or papers.  I and some other girls from SLU have signed up and paid for two trips already--one which is during Halloween weekend, we're going to Sydney, and the second one we are doing in November.  That one we are going to the Whitsunday Islands and sailing around them on a boat and snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef. We also will be signing up for a trip to New Zealand--but we're waiting for the initial credit card bill to come through first!
I've learned so much in three weeks that I've been here. I've learned a lot about Australians' way of life--how laid back everybody is, including the teachers.  Classes don't start right on the dot like they do in America.  I am learning a lot about Australia as a country as well.  About the geography and the history.  Some of the oldest specimens of life are found in this country (in the Outback).  I didn't realize that Britain had such a huge influence on Australia's culture.  Everything from the way they speak, to the way they dress, to the sports they play; which eventually led to an anti-British movement.  We are learning this in our Popular Culture class.

I attached a picture of the four of us from SLU at our first rugby game. It was lots of fun!

Lindsay Matherne

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