Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tara Pool's PT Work Study Student Experience

One of our favorite articles to present on the PT Blog is the Study Abroad Student Interviews. The students love sharing pictures and stories from what are now their favorite places on earth and you get to read in detail about what the opportunity is really like beyond the facts.
We got to thinking about other opportunities that our students have and realized that one of the best ones was right under our noses! We asked work study student Tara Pool (Class of 2015) to give us a short summary of what being a work study in the Program in Physical Therapy office and clinic was like:
“Being a work study student for the Program in Physical Therapy office and the clinic is one of the best jobs a busy student can ask for in order to have some spare cash. The office is accommodating toward the students - they allow me to fully work around my busy schedule and I can study when there is down time. Being a work study for the Program in Physical Therapy also allows me to become closer acquainted with my professors and become friends with PT students of different grades.  In the clinic I help the therapist clean, stock, prepare for the next day, and I get to observe them first hand working with patients. Working in the office and the clinic is a fun and educational study break - not to mention I get paid for doing it!”
Tara Pool

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