Friday, March 12, 2021

The Physical Therapy Clinic at the Health Resource Center Welcomes New Leads

We are so excited to announce our new leads for the HRC ProBono Clinic for physical therapy! It has been such an honor to start up Telehealth and provide physical therapy for the St. Louis community. The willingness from our patients and volunteers to try this experience via Zoom has been so appreciated. With new leads, they have new ideas coming for everyone, so make sure to watch out for opportunities to volunteer for HRC and get excited!! Congrats Olivia H, Michael I, Jemma K, Radhika P, Emily R, and Emily W.

-old leads of HRC

HRC Pro Bono Physical Therapy Visits continue via Zoom Telehealth. Patients with a Doctor's prescription can schedule a telehealth visit by emailing or calling 314-881-8088.


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