Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Welcome to Our New SLU-SSM Physical Therapy Residency Students!

We are very proud to announce the new SLU-SSM Residency students Samantha Peterson and Lindsay Noesen!
The SLU-SSM Residency is a partnership between Saint Louis University and SSM Physical Therapy in the heart of St. Louis, MO. This year long program provides a diverse, high quality experience for the resident through clinical mentoring, expert instruction promoting advanced evidence-based practice, facilitated clinical decision making, and patient-centered care. Unique to this residency, the resident will participate as a lab instructor in the SLU DPT entry level program and serve the community through pro bono services. You can access information about the residency on our Program in PT website.
We interviewed Samantha and Lindsay to get to know them a little better. You can read about them below!
Samantha Peterson

Where are you from? 
Cokato, Minnesota (about an hour west of the Twin Cities)

Where did you receive your DPT? 
Washington University in St. Louis in 2014

What are you looking forward to most in your residency experience? 
The opportunity to work side by side and be mentored by knowledgeable experts in the field of Physical Therapy. I am also excited for the opportunity to be a lab assistant and learn new skills.

How did you originally become interested in physical therapy? 
I enjoy working with people and science, so the medical field seemed like the perfect place for me. Having had physical therapy in the past opened the door for me to explore the field and it seemed like a perfect fit for my interests. The more I learned about PT, I knew it was what I was supposed to be doing.

Lindsay Noesen 

Where are you from?
I am originally from Westchester, IL, a small town just west of Chicago. My family just recently moved the Naperville, IL, but I’d say that I have welcomed St Louis as my hometown now!

Where did you receive your DPT?
I received my BSES and DPT from Saint Louis University.

What are you looking forward to most in your residency experience?
There are a lot of unique opportunities presented through a residency experience.  I am most excited to continue to develop my individual style as a PT and to participate in pro bono care and teaching all while having the privilege to be mentored by an excellent team of practitioners.

How did you originally become interested in physical therapy?
I actually had plans to go into education originally. I then realized that I enjoyed and was more skilled at teaching individuals or smaller groups and math and science. One of my high school guidance counselors asked if I had ever considered physical therapy. From there, everything fell into place. I feel extremely lucky to have found my vocation so early on and to continue diving into such a fascinating profession!

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